Student Success and Well-being

At ɫ, we understand that college can be stressful, and we’re here to help our students navigate the challenges that come their way. That’s why we ensure a positive and supportive campus environment for all students to thrive inside and outside the classroom. These resources are tailored to the student’s needs and support their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


Student Support Services:

Our caring staff and faculty are committed to empowering students to overcome challenges and prioritize student success.

Student Success and Well-being


An interdisciplinary team of staff and faculty who connect students with on-campus resources, provide support and empowerment and help students navigate challenges they may face during their college careers.

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Student Success and Well-being

Student Health Center

Students can expect prompt attention from our team of experienced nurses and doctors, who work diligently to help them diagnose and treat an illness or injury. The health center offers routine services like laboratory studies, immunizations, prescriptions, allergy injections, and referrals to specialists and radiology.

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Student Success and Well-being

Student Counseling Services

Dedicated professional counselors provide comprehensive mental health services, including treatment, case management, education, and campus-wide programming.

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Student Success and Well-being

Student Access Services

The SAS partners with instructors, staff, and community members to establish accessible, fair, inclusive, and enduring learning environments for ɫ students with disabilities, empowering them to develop self-advocacy skills, access resources, and utilize services to optimize their academic success and fully embrace the opportunities of higher education.

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Student Success and Well-being

International Student & Scholar Services

Staff dedicated to providing students with a comfortable and supportive environment that facilitates adjustment to life and studying in the U.S. and promotes personal growth and academic success.

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Academic and Career Support:

Our comprehensive academic and career services are designed to help students excel.

Student Success and Well-being

Student Academic Hub

The Hub is where students can seek academic assistance outside their regular classes. The Hub offers academic advising and coaching, peer tutoring, writing assistance, and English as an additional language support.

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Student Success and Well-being

Center for Career Services

Staff provides comprehensive career exploration, preparation, and decision-making assistance to foster student professional development and ensure long-term career satisfaction and success. They also facilitate internships and experiential learning, which all students participate in before graduation.

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Student Success and Well-being

Center for Teaching and Learning

The center promotes student success and learning through one-on-one tutoring, support for the new student experience, and more.


Community Engagement and Well-being:

Our staff fosters a supportive campus community where every student can thrive.

Student Success and Well-being

Ministry and Spiritual Life

ɫ strives to help cultivate student’s spiritual life by welcoming diverse expressions of faith and meaning. By focusing on interfaith dialogue, Ministry and Spiritual Life programs emphasize that ɫ students of all traditions and no tradition can find spiritual wellness and a sense of meaning and community on campus. The university has a chapel on main campus and in Ballston, along with prayer and meditation rooms open to students of all faiths. 

Student Success and Well-being

Access, Belonging, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity


The ABIDE Hub promotes access, belonging, inclusion, diversity, and equity within the campus community. We unite students and encourage support engagement with various student organizations, academic programs, and university initiatives.

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Student Success and Well-being

Fitness Centers

Exercise reduces stress, improves health, and supports student’s emotional well-being. The campus fitness centers feature cardio and strength training equipment and group fitness areas for classes, including yoga, cardio boot camp, and Zumba, catering to all fitness levels.

Student Success and Well-being

Food Security

SaintSwipe at Gerard Dining is a free-of-charge meal for students in need. Students can also “take what you need and give when you can” at one of the blue cupboards around campus.

Student Success and Well-being

Clubs and Organizations

ɫ encourages its students to play an active role on campus. It supports various clubs and organizations catering to our student’s needs and interests. These clubs and organizations provide opportunities to participate in activities such as student government, student publications, and clubs that organize entertainment, social, volunteer, and educational events.


Safety and Compliance:

ɫ is committed to student safety and ensures a secure environment where students can focus on their academic and personal growth.

Student Success and Well-being

Campus Safety

We are committed to ensuring our community’s physical and psychological well-being—including crime prevention, emergency response, and preparedness, and promoting a secure campus. Our campus safety officers are available 24/7 for assistance, information, and support.

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Student Success and Well-being

Student Conduct

The student conduct program works collaboratively with students, faculty, and staff to resolve conflict and behavioral concerns.

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Student Success and Well-being

Title IX Office

ɫ is committed to providing a safe environment free of discrimination, harassment, and violence.

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At ɫ, we practice community by sharing our experiences, listening carefully to others, and debating ideas civilly and constructively. 

A student‐centered learning community that values diversity and focuses on the education of the whole person, ɫ guides each individual’s intellectual, ethical, and spiritual development.