College of Sciences and Humanities

College of Sciences and Humanities

Every university education will prepare you for something, but the best ones will prepare you for anything that comes your way. In ɫ’s College of Sciences and Humanities, we provide the knowledge of how our universe, our world, and our lives work—nurturing your intellectual curiosity and passion.

Explore and connect with us as we ask important questions and create new ideas and information that will prepare you for your successful journey and career. That’s Learning with Purpose.

Many paths, unlimited possibilities.

At both the undergraduate and graduate levels, the College of Sciences and Humanities at ɫ offers a wealth of respected degree paths that can lead you to a world of career and entrepreneurial opportunities. This is a learning community dedicated to academic power and quality, grounded in and guided by the Catholic educational commitment to service to others, global engagement, and ethical, socially responsible leadership.

This is a learning community 100 percent linked to the real world, with inspiring faculty who have been there and done that (with great success)—plus unparalleled opportunities for experiential learning through internships, service learning, study abroad, and community engagement. Small classes enrich your learning and engage your participation

Your opportunities with us can take you in any direction that reflects your interests and your passion, from biochemistry or criminal justice to advanced mathematics or psychology. Learn, experience, repeat—then apply what you’ve learned in a meaningful career and a life of your own design.

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